The Department of Justice indicted former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro for shrugging off a subpoena, taking him into custody on Thursday evening.

Navarro, 72, was indicted on on two counts of contempt of Congress, one for failing to provide papers, and another for failing to provide testimony.

In the grand jury indictment, federal prosecutors alleged he was a flight risk or might otherwise interfere with the criminal case against him, requesting that the indictment be sealed until his “arrest operation is executed”, according to NBC News.

On Friday morning, court dockets indicated “unsealing event has occurred”, meaning Navarro was taken into custody.

Presumably just hours before his arrest, Navarro appeared on MSNBC’s “The Beat” and told host Ari Melber he would “lead the charge” against President Biden and Jan. 6th panel members if Republicans retake power after midterm elections.

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