New York candidate for governor, Jumaane Williams, frequently campaigns to defund the police however he doesn’t tell New Yorkers that he travels the city with a police detail and his home has 24/7 security.

Context: Jumaane Williams, a candidate to become New York’s next governor, is a self-proclaimed Democrat Socialist. Williams was elected as the New York City Public Advocate in 2019 after previously serving on the NYC Council.

Williams has frequently campaigned with pro-defund the police messaging. Last year when New York announced it would cut $1 billion from the NYPD’s funding he called it “insufficient.”

What Happened: New reports reveal that despite Williams repeated efforts to defund the police he enjoys security perks not given to other New Yorkers.

Williams lives on the Fort Hamilton U.S. Army Garrison in Brooklyn, the New York Post reported, and is provided an NYPD security detail due to his position for the city. The garrison requires anyone attempting entry to submit a background check and go through security checkpoints. (per Fox News)

Williams also has constant NYPD escorts in New York City due to his position.

What Voters Say: After the giant hypocrite came to light many voters noted their outrage over the situation.

“You’re saying defund the police but yet you’ve got the police with you every day taking you all over on the taxpayer’s dime? And then you live on a military base and you’re protected by the military? That’s a joke, what a hypocrite. Not a lot of people get those luxuries,” a frustrated police source added in comment to the New York Post.

“I feel like it’s a situation where regular citizens are not allowed to defend ourselves, and people like our elected officials can. What I would say to the elected officials is if you’re so anti-police and so anti-gun, then you should give up all of those privileges that allow you to protect yourself.”

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