A new poll by Post-ABC shows that by a near 2-1 margin Americans want to see Roe upheld.

A similar margin shows that the country opposed the Texas law banning abortions after six weeks.

Context: Americans have widely opposed access to abortion after the first trimester. However, with challenges to long-standing precedent coming before the Supreme Court the new poll suggests that Americans widely oppose the new restriction on access.

Why this is important: The Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative majority that will review Mississippi’s prohibition on abortion after 15 weeks. The current standard is when a baby could survive outside of the womb Around 22-24 weeks.

President Trump said he would select nominees to overturn Roe, and placed three justices during his time in office. Those justices are Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney-Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh.

What they are saying:

Republicans on overturning Roe: 42% uphold, 45% overturn, 13% undecided.

Democrats on overturning Roe: 82% uphold, 11% overturn, 7% undecided.

Independents on overturning Roe: 58% uphold, 28% overturn, 14% undecided.

U.S. adults on overturning Roe: 60% uphold, 27% overturn, 12% undecided.

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