A new poll from Quinnipac has now shown that a stunning number of Americans now have a negative opinion of Joe Biden.

The Details: Only 33 percent of respondents approved of Biden’s performance as President while 55 percent disapproved with 13 percent not offering an opinion. The number is down from 36 percent who disapproved of Biden in the same poll in November.

In addition the same poll found that 53 percent of Americans think it is either very likely or somewhat likely that there will be another attack in the US like the January 6th Capitol riot.

50 percent also claimed that the attack on the Capitol was an attack on American Democracy while 44 percent said they believed too much was being made of the incident.

As far as future predictions go, 6 out of 10 Americans claimed they would not like to see Donald Trump run for President again in 2024. The survey showed that 69 percent of Republicans wanted to see Trump run again in 2024. This is down significantly from 79 percent who wanted to see Trump run again in October.

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