The controversial law was signed in 2021, but goes into effect this upcoming school year.

The “Menstrual Dignity Act” was signed into law by Democratic Governor Kate Brown last year. It required all K-12 schools to provide free sanitary products to students along with instructions on their use.

Parents are now voicing concerns as details of the law’s implementation are revealed.

According to the New York Post:

“Starting next year (2022-2023), products will be available in all restrooms (male, female and all-gender) in every PPS building where education occurs,” the Portland school district said in a 2021 statement.

“To ensure timely compliance, PPS ordered 500 dispensers. Dispensers have been installed in all elementary and middle school girls’ restrooms, and more will be installed in all remaining bathrooms, including boys’ restrooms, next year,” it said, according to Fox News.

“Instructions on how to use tampons and pads will be posted in all bathrooms,” the statement added.

In March, the state Education Department also issued a “Menstrual Dignity for Students” tool kit containing instructions on how to use menstrual products and tips for “menstruation-positive” language for families.

“Importantly, [the Menstrual Dignity Act] affirms the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two spirit students by addressing the challenges that some students have managing menstruation while minimizing negative attention that could put them at risk of harm and navigating experiences of gender dysphoria during menstruation,” part of the kit’s introduction read, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, a video posted by the Libs of TikTok apparently shows a tampon dispenser inside a boys’ bathroom.

“Has anyone considered the trauma girls will experience when boys run up & down hallways, waving tampons & pantomiming insertion?” a Twitter user wrote.

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