Footage has been released showing former NBA star Shawn Kemp firing a gun during a parking lot altercation prior to his felony arrest on Wednesday. The incident occurred outside a Tacoma, Washington shopping mall at around 2:00 PM. Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots and recording the incident with their phones. Kemp was seen approaching a vehicle wearing a red vest and pointing his firearm while appearing to yell something before pulling the trigger at least once.

Witnesses also claimed that Kemp drove around the parking lot and ditched his gun in a bush before talking to the police. The video shows Kemp attempting to flag down police to pursue the other vehicle involved. Police were seen searching the parking lot landscaping and later retrieved a handgun from a bush.


Kemp was booked for felony drive-by shooting at the Pierce County Jail at 5:58 PM. Sources close to the incident said that Kemp was trying to retrieve items he claimed were stolen on Tuesday and someone opened fire on him first. Kemp claims that he was acting purely in self-defense.

Earlier in the day, Kemp was spotted wearing the same outfit while touring a cannabis grow house. The incident is still under investigation, and it is unclear what will happen to Kemp. This is not the first time Kemp has faced legal trouble, as he has been arrested in the past for drug possession and reckless driving.

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