The latest statements from President Biden, revealing to the world that the United States is allegedly running low on 155 mm artillery ammunition, have sparked a maelstrom of incredulity and criticism, particularly from conservative commentators and defense experts. Their primary concern is for our nation’s security and the irresponsible broadcast of sensitive military details on public television.

In an interview aired last Sunday, Biden defended his decision to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine as a “transition period” until the production of more munitions. He cited ammunition scarcity as the justification. “We’re low on it,” he admitted on CNN with Fareed Zakaria, raising red flags for those mindful of the potential ramifications such a statement could have for national security.

Social media was instantly flooded with frustrated reactions from conservative voices, alarmed at the President’s ill-considered revelation. “It’s quite something to witness the President announcing our ammunition shortage on national TV, essentially providing valuable intel to our adversaries,” said Logan Dobson, a political strategist. Steve Guest, a conservative communicator, echoed this sentiment, expressing his exasperation on Twitter, “Does Biden not care that our adversaries, like China, are watching and listening?”

This questionable move by President Biden leads to serious doubts about his administration’s commitment to safeguarding our military readiness. “The President’s vague and troubling suggestion that we’re running out of 155mm artillery ammunition could potentially hinder our national readiness,” cautioned Byron York from the Washington Examiner.

In response to the widespread criticism, a White House official attempted to clarify, asserting that the U.S. is not, in fact, running low on ammunition. However, Biden’s blatant admission has left many skeptical about the state of our military’s ammunition reserves.

Prominent voices like political commentator Ian Miles Cheong and tech entrepreneur David Sacks expressed concern about the sustainability of U.S. support for Ukraine given this alleged ammunition shortage, which could potentially end up weakening the U.S. rather than Russia.

Robert Kennedy Jr., a contender in the Democratic presidential race, also criticized Biden for his inconsistency regarding the use of cluster bombs. This, coupled with Biden’s loose talk about our military’s status, has stoked concerns about his administration’s strategic prowess and dedication to the safety of our nation and our allies.

All in all, Biden’s recent statements have sparked not just outrage, but also serious concerns about the administration’s understanding of protecting military information and managing our nation’s security resources.

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