A new report reveals that Nancy Pelosi is planning to run for another term in Congress despite previously saying she intended to step down as the top House Democrat after 2022.

Background: Pelosi has held the Democrat party’s top role in the House as both speaker and minority leader for nearly two decades.

During 2018’s leadership elections Pelosi agreed to a term limit plan that she would not pursue being House Speaker after 2022.

Last year Pelosi said she was still committed to the plan.

Context: There are multiple reasons why Pelosi is now planning to abandon her pledge to step aside as House Democrat leader.

Running for another term and keeping open the possibility of seeking a leadership position again helps Pelosi keep control over her caucus

It may also quiet rumors about who can replace her as the House Democrat leader. This would help avoid months-long angling for the position among top contenders that would distract from campaigning against Republicans in next year’s midterm elections.

Also, if Pelosi were to announce her retirement before the midterms some could see it as her choice to abandon the Democrat party during a time when Republicans are poised to take back power in Congress. A number of House Democrats have already announced they will not seek re-election.

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