In an unexpected twist, the Twitter Trust and Safety’s executive has stepped down this Thursday, leaving a ripple of intrigue in their wake. The startling resignation follows on the heels of a controversial fall-through of a partnership deal between Twitter and The Daily Wire. The crux of the controversy? A promotional event marking the one-year anniversary of Matt Walsh’s provocative documentary, ‘What Is a Woman?’ got derailed over allegations of ‘misgendering.’ The question now buzzing in everyone’s minds: What’s next?

According to the Post Millennial:

A report from Forbes stated that “Ella Irwin, twitter’s VP of trust and safety and one of Elon Musk’s top lieutenants, is no longer in Twitter’s internal slack, according to a source familiar and a screenshot of her deactivated account viewed by Fortune.” Reuters reporter Sheila Dang said that Irwin’s resignation was confirmed.

“Confirmed,” Dang wrote, “Ella Irwin tells me she resigned today.” She shared a tweet on the scoop from Fortune.

After Daily Wire CEO took to Twitter to address the controversy over the deal, Elon Musk responded saying that the refusal of Twitter to honor the deal was a mistake by many people at Twitter. Warnings from Twitter on Walsh’s tweets about the film showed that the film may “violate” terms of service and that the reach of the tweets would be limited.

Musk took over Twitter in the fall of 2022, and has set about transforming the platform to be more friendly to free speech and advocates for speech.

In the wake of Musk’s transformative leadership, a remarkable shift has taken place, forever altering the landscape of social media. Previously, a distressing trend of accounts facing bans or suppression due to the act of misgendering, using pronouns based on biological sex rather than individual gender identity, had permeated the platform. However, under Musk’s visionary stewardship, a new era of inclusivity and open dialogue has emerged.

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