Rudy Giuliani blasted Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis after being indicted under the anti-organized crime laws, which he had previously utilized during his time as a prosecutor. Giuliani lambasted the indictment, terming it a “ridiculous” move and dubbing DA Willis as an “incompetent, sloppy prosecutor.”

Speaking with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on “The Balance,” the 79-year-old Giuliani stated, “This is a ridiculous application of the racketeering statute. There’s probably no one that knows it better than I do.” Giuliani earned a formidable reputation in the 1980s, primarily through leveraging the Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations laws, or RICO. His mastery over the RICO laws led to the conviction of prominent organized crime figures such as “Fat Tony” Salerno, Carmine “Junior” Persico, and Paul Castellano, among others.

Giuliani continued:

“I was the first one to use it in white-collar cases, but … This is not meant for election disputes. I mean, this is ridiculous what she’s doing,” Giuliani said of Willis charging him, Trump, and 17 others.

“Also, I don’t know if she realizes it because she seems like a pretty incompetent, sloppy prosecutor. I mean what she did … with that indictment is inexcusable. If she worked for me, I would’ve fired her”

Giuliani, who once served as the Mayor of New York City, faced the indictment in tandem with his client, the former U.S. president Donald Trump. The charges levied against them, under Georgia’s RICO laws, are associated with alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia.

The former President, along with Giuliani and 17 other individuals implicated in the case, are set to be booked at Fulton County jail following their surrender to the authorities. This announcement was made by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, which further clarified the distinction between the booking and arraignment processes in Fulton County, GA. Some of the upcoming arraignments might take place virtually, depending on the decision of the presiding judge.

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