Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is suing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the Capitol riot.

Background: The House Select Committee has issued subpoenas and record requests for a number of Trump allies, including his former chief of staff Mark Meadows and adviser Steve Bannon.

Michael Flynn and his attorneys previously asked the committee to narrow the scope of its wide-reaching records request which the panel rejected.

The panel then issued a subpoena to Verison phone company for Flynn’s phone records. The committee was seeking any communication Flynn had with Donald Trump or with attorney John Eastman.

What Happened: Flynn sued the committee to block its records request and also noted the panel issued subpoenas to family members.

“Committee counsel responded that the Committee’s preference would be for General Flynn to invoke his 5th Amendment privilege before the Committee, even if it was effectively the only thing he could do, and that the Committee could refer General Flynn for prosecution for contempt of Congress for not doing so,” Flynn’s attorney, Matthew Sarelson, wrote in the 42-page filing. (per The Hill)

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