Nikki Haley is the only presidential candidate who will stand up for America and stand up to our enemies. Haley knows a strong America doesn’t start war; a strong America prevents war.

Nikki Haley went toe-to-toe with our enemies every day as UN ambassador. She knows we should take them at their word when they chant “Death to America.” She kept America safe by ushering in a new era of American strength. She browbeat Russia and China into agreeing to the toughest set of sanctions ever on North Korea. She helped get America out of Barack Obama’s dangerous Iran deal. She fought for Israel’s right to defend itself and put the terrorist-supporting countries on notice. She urged President Trump to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and defended our “sovereign right” to do so.

Haley knows we can only keep our enemies at bay through strength. Weakness will embolden them.

That’s why Haley supports giving weapons to Ukraine as it deters Russia from expanding its borders. Haley knows stopping Vladimir Putin in Ukraine is the best way to prevent Putin from invading Poland and the Balkans. In other words, it’s the best and only way to prevent World War III.

That’s why Haley has a comprehensive plan to stand up to China, including ending normal trade relations with China if it doesn’t stop killing Americans with fentanyl. She knows American weakness will only encourage Xi Jinping to be more aggressive—not less.

Just look at what has happened under Joe Biden’s reign of weakness. His botched Afghanistan withdrawal sent an opportunistic message to Russia, China, and Iran. His slowness in aiding Ukraine encouraged Russian aggression. His repeated attempts to kiss up to Communist China told Xi Jinping to walk all over us. And his desperation to throw money at the terrorist regime in Iran resulted in Americans dead and a war brewing in the Middle East.

During my 17 years in uniform as Captain in the U.S. Air Force, I learned that peace comes through strength. The proof? When I worked on President Ronald Reagan’s historic missile defense initiative, it scared the Soviet Union so much, it contributed to the regime’s collapse and an American victory in the Cold War.

There is no substitute for American strength, and Nikki Haley is the only candidate who recognizes that timeless truth.

Isolationism—the policies of Trump, DeSantis, and Ramaswamy—sacrifices American security for intellectual lazy slogans. It’s not “America First” to abandon our allies, empower our enemies, and give in to terrorists. That is a surefire recipe for America Last.

Haley’s opponents are cherry-picking quotes and lying about her record because they lack the moral clarity to know the difference between good and evil. President Nikki Haley will keep Americans safe and remind Americans and the world why we are the greatest country on Earth.

Melinda Tourangeau on December 5, 2023

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