Florida Congressman (R) Matt Gaetz says that he’s discussed Donald Trump becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Context: Rep. Gaetz attended the former president’s Save America rally in Sarasota, FL where he pledged to nominate Trump to become the next House Speaker if Republicans win back control of the lower chamber.

Other Republican Reps have previously brought up the idea of nominating Trump to be the next House Speaker. Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has said she “would love” for Trump to become Speaker.

Details: The Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of Congress, however every Speaker in U.S. history has been.

What Gaetz Said: During a news conference Rep. Gaetz was asked point-blank if he has discussed Trump becoming the next Speaker with him.

“I have,” the Republican confirmed.

What Trump Says: Trump has not made any comments indicating his interest in becoming House Speaker, only at launching another presidential campaign.

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