Donald Trump’s legal team is preparing for the possibility of a gag order being placed on the former president by a New York judge on Monday, one day before he is scheduled to be arrested in Manhattan. This move to silence a presidential candidate is unprecedented and may further inflame Trump’s supporters as he prepares to leave his Florida residence.

According to a source, the Trump legal team believes that the Manhattan judge may take the unconstitutional step of imposing a gag order on the presidential frontrunner. Breaking the gag order could result in a fine of up to $1,000 and a prison sentence of up to 30 days under New York law.

“The Trump legal team now thinks that the Manhattan judge will take the unprecedented step of silencing the presidential frontrunner with an unconstitutional gag order tomorrow,” the source said.

“The Trump legal team is considering adding a First Amendment lawyer to the effort to combat this and will fight it all the way.”

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung responded to reports of a possible gag order by telling Breitbart, “President Trump stands for transparency and our American Constitution, and any attempt to prevent him, the leading candidate for President, from exercising his First Amendment right is a tyrannical, third-world country move which further proves that this is nothing more than a political witch-hunt utilizing a weaponized justice system.”

He added, “All Americans should be concerned about their rights being violated and any attempt to obstruct President Trump’s right to use his voice in order to speak truth to power should never be tolerated.

Despite the uncertainty of his schedule, Trump’s campaign announced on Sunday that he would be giving a speech at his Mar-a-Lago residence on Tuesday evening upon returning from New York. However, the speech may now be in doubt.

The situation remains fluid, and it is unclear what actions the judge may take. Nevertheless, the possibility of a gag order on a presidential candidate raises a complete new set of questions and obstacles for the former president as he enters a pivotal week.

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