Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is blaming a recent effort to have him recalled on former President Trump and Fox News watchers.

Background: George Gascon is one of many liberal district attorneys in the country that was backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

Since becoming district attorney Gascon has worked harder on rehabilitation than incarceration. Gascon has worked not to prosecute misdemeanor offenses and worked to downgrade charges for felony offenses.

As a result of Gascon’s flimsy policies crime has sparked and dangerous criminals were given minimal sentencing to then be released.

What happened: As a rebuttal to Gascon’s dangerous policies a large bipartisan grassroots team that includes the families of crime victims, prosecutors from the DA’s Office, Cooley, and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, a Democrat began an effort to officially recall DA Gascon.

What Gascon Said: The Los Angeles DA put out a statement condemning the recall effort and simultaneously blaming former President Trump and Fox News for the effort.

“California DOES NOT NEED another political recall attempt sponsored by Donald Trump backers and frequent Fox News guests,” Gascon wrote. “This is not about keeping Angelenos safe, it’s about a political power grab by well-funded political operatives who have fought reforms — on juvenile detention, mental health treatment, police accountability in fatal police shootings, and the death penalty — for decades.”

“Do not fall for this right-wing attempt,” Gascon said. “Do not sign this petition. Los Angeles needs to move forward as a safer and less divided community where we focus on preventing crime to keep people safe — not react with political fearmongering or cable news ratings grabs.” (per The Washington Examiner)

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