South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says he is working toward a “certification process” that would allow veterans to work as armed security guards on school grounds.

Graham explained, his proposal would not put more police officers in schools, but would let veterans who often have family members within the community protect students instead.

According to the Daily Caller, nearly half of schools had armed security during the 2015-16 school year, mostly being school resource officers (SROs).

In the wake of Black Lives Matters demonstrations and riots, some of the largest school districts in the country announced they would no longer allow SROs in schools, but some found that decision unwise. Montgomery County Public Schools brought officers back into the school after a student was shot during an altercation.

Graham’s position is reflective of the GOP’s stance that securing schools will prevent more tragedies than broadly expanding gun control.

“When 9/11 happened, we didn’t ban planes. We secured the cockpits,” Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO), a staunch gun rights advocate, said on Fox News.

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