Renowned American singer Tony Bennett has passed away at the age of 96 in his native city, New York. His publicist, Sylvia Weiner, confirmed his death, but a specific cause was not mentioned. It is known, however, that Bennett had been living with Alzheimer’s disease since 2016, and his health had been deteriorating over time.

Bennett was one of the last famous “saloon singers” from the mid-20th century. His career was marked by the ambition to create a rich repertoire rather than isolated hit records. He released more than 70 albums and won 19 Grammy Awards, most of them in his later years. He was admired for his unique style of interpreting songs rather than embodying them, and his rich, robust voice often described as “a tenor who sings like a baritone”.

Bennett’s performances were known for their sincerity and his desire to help his audience forget their troubles. In 2006, he expressed his enjoyment in making people feel good through his performances. He was highly regarded by his peers, with Frank Sinatra once declaring in a 1965 interview that Bennett was “the best singer in the business”.

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