A Kremlin spokesperson attempted to frame the ‘special operation’ as a success.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, ““The operation continues; the goals are being achieved. Substantive work is being carried out both through the military in terms of advancing the operation, and through the [peace] negotiators who are in the negotiation process with Ukrainian counterparts.”

When asked about a timeline for completion of the operation, Peskov said, “We are talking about the foreseeable future.” 

Western and Ukrainian leaders are not taking the comments too seriously as they have warned Moscow is simply repositioning its troops as opposed to pulling out of Ukraine.

Still, Peskov also acknowledged that Russia has experienced “significant losses of troops”, a rare admission of the difficulties the country has encountered.

The Kremlin may be attempting to reframe the narrative around its invasion as a success to save face if troops are recalled to Russia.

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