Kellyanne and George Conway, a Republican power couple, announced their divorce after more than two decades of marriage. In a statement shared on Twitter by George, they said they were in the “final stages of an amicable divorce” and that their four children remain their top priority.

The Conways’ marriage spanned two very different political eras: they married in 2001, before Donald Trump became president, and their political views began publicly diverging with Trump’s rise. George, a lawyer, initially supported Trump’s candidacy for president but later became one of his most fiery critics. He launched many of his broadsides on Twitter, where he has amassed more than 2 million followers with his anti-Trump commentary.

Kellyanne, a top adviser to Trump, was one of his most vocal defenders in the media, even as her husband fired off his anti-Trump attacks on social media. She served as Trump’s campaign manager before joining him in the White House as a senior counselor. However, she left the Trump administration in 2020, before the presidential election, citing the need to focus on her children’s remote schooling during the pandemic.

The Conways’ divorce is not surprising given their public differences in politics, but it underscores the toll that Trump’s presidency has taken on relationships and families. The Conways were not the only political couple to be affected by Trump’s presidency: Mary Matalin, a Republican strategist, and her husband, James Carville, a Democratic strategist, famously worked for opposing parties but maintained a strong marriage until they announced their separation in 2013.

The Conways’ divorce also highlights the impact of politics on personal relationships and the importance of finding common ground despite political differences. In their statement, the Conways emphasized their love for each other and their children, despite their political disagreements. They asked for privacy during this difficult time, which is a reminder that public figures, even those in the political arena, are still people with private lives and personal struggles.

Overall, the Conways’ divorce is a sad reminder of the divisive political climate that has characterized recent years and the need for empathy and understanding in personal relationships, even when political views diverge. It is also a reminder that politics, like any other area of life, can have an impact on personal relationships, and that finding common ground is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships.

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