After a long race for the U.S. Senate seat out of Alabama, Trump endorsed Katie Britt has become the first woman to represent the Senate in Alabama’s history. Britt will also be the only Senate member who has school-aged children. Senator-elect Britt discussed her plans and reflected on her race with “Fox & Friends” Monday. During the appearance, Britt accredited her success in the race to a grassroots strategy and asking the American people what they wanted.

Britt has said that she plans to work across the aisle to secure the border and create safer communities no matter who is in charge. Though she also mentioned the importance of getting Hershel Walker in the Georgia seat. As she mentioned the importance of voting in the runoff election in Georgia and the importance Walker could have if he is elected to serve in the Senate as the Democrats hold the majority.

She also mentioned the importance of fighting to secure the American Dream for future generations. Britt feels that the world she was raised in and the world her children will be raised in are worlds apart. A point she believes is the reason many Alabama voters believe it is time for “fresh blood” in Washington. She claimed that voters are excited to see her generation stepping up and contributing to politics and society.

Overall, Britt is excited to be a part of the Senate and to be able to fight for the American Dream. She is also excited to be a parent in the senate, which she only feels will help her as she can pull from her experience in deciding what needs to happen to education and families.

Watch her interview on Fox News.

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