Three officials wrote a letter to the committee saying its refusal to cooperate would complicate its ability to investigate rioters, claiming the transcripts are “critical” to its work.

The DOJ previously asked the committee to share transcripts of its witness depositions, but the panel rejected the department’s request as it did not want to share “its product” prematurely.

Almost exactly one month later, the DOJ is again attempting to compel the House committee to share its work.

“It is now readily apparent that the interviews the Select Committee conducted are not just potentially relevant to our overall criminal investigations, but are likely relevant to specific prosecutions that have already commenced,” read its latest letter to the panel.

“Given this overlap, it is critical that the Select Committee provide us with copies of the transcripts of all its witness interviews.”

The letter was signed by Matthew Graves, U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C., Kenneth Polite, assistant attorney general of the DOJ’s Criminal Division, and Matthew Olsen, assistant attorney general for department’s National Security Division, according to NBC News.

The DOJ is asking for all transcripts as its grand jury investigations are not public, so the committee “does not and will not know the identity of all the witnesses who have information relevant to the Department’s ongoing criminal investigations.”

The committee has not issued any comment at this time.

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