The San Francisco Superior Court is set to release video and audio of the Paul Pelosi attack at noon ET on Friday. On Wednesday, a San Francisco judge ordered the release of bodycam footage from the night Paul Pelosi was allegedly attacked with a hammer by David DePape. Judge Stephen M. Murphy denied prosecutors’ request to keep it secret especially after prosecutors played it in open court during a preliminary hearing last month. A group of organizations had brought a  motioned to release the footage hoping to obtain video evidence of the incident.

Alongside with the bodycam footage from San Francisco Police Department officers, the court will also be releasing Paul Pelosi’s 911 call, US Capitol Police surveillance footage, and DePape’s interview with the SFPD. The group of media organizations argued that because the footage had been submitted in open court and entered into evidence, it should be free for the public to see as well.

According to the Post Millennial:

Conversely, DePape’s legal team warned that releasing the footage could lead to more conspiracy theories and other false assumptions about the incident, thus jeopardizing his access to a fair trial.

DePape, 42, was arrested following the attack and charged with attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, and assault. He later revealed that his intended target was Nancy Pelosi, but that she was not home at the time.

The circumstances surrounding DePape’s apparent break-in remain curious, with court documents stating that Mr. Pelosi was not in immediate danger when police arrived. It was also revealed that just prior to the attack, he told the police that everything was fine.

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