On Wednesday, Hunter Biden had to make an embarrassing appearance in an Arkansas court after his ex-stripper, baby mama, sued him for failing to provide child support. Hunter look bleak and tired as he made his way into the courthouse and the day only got worse for him. Reportedly, the judge presiding over the case tore into Hunter and his lawyers for not being open about his financial data. Judge Holly Meyer told his legal team that, “they wrongly concealed details of filings that had already been submitted to the court as part of the ongoing legal saga.”
She went on to say that Biden was abusing the ability to redact data.

Hunter came to the Batesville, Arkansas court looking to reduce the payments he must make to the mother of his daughter, Lunden Roberts. Roberts is an ex-stripper who worked in D.C. when the two first met. Biden has never met the daughter he had with Roberts and claims she is not his, although DNA testing conforms otherwise. Altogether, Biden was looking to reduce his monthly payments by $20,000.

In legal papers, Hunter detailed that the reason he is looking to reduce his monthly payments is because he has had a “substantial material change” in his income.

According to The New York Post:

Meyer on Monday ordered Hunter to answer additional written questions about his money — including investments, his art sales and other financial transactions — after Roberts’ attorney Clinton Lancaster claimed he had so far provided “incomplete answers.”

Lancaster argued Hunter divulged neither who had purchased his art nor the estimated values of the pieces.

But Hunter’s attorneys hit back, saying the first son didn’t know the identities of the buyers as part of a purported arrangement to ensure they were unable to “influence” his father’s administration. “He will not know. Someone else may know,” one of the attorneys told the judge.

Meyer informed Lancaster that he could “issue a subpoena” to force the gallery to divulge names of buyers and prices of the art, adding: “It’s a little incredible that there is no estimate of valuations.”

Roberts’ lawyers dismissed Hunter’s claims that he has lost income, saying that he currently lives “lavishly.” They described how he can afford to hire some of the most expensive lawyers in the world and travels on Air Force One constantly.

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