Juan Orlando Hernández was indicted in January on drug conspiracy and weapons charges.

A Honduran Supreme Court judge ruled to allow the extradition of former President Juan Orlando Hernández so he can face trial in New York. He is charged with helping smuggle tons of cocaine into the US after taking millions of dollars in bribes which he used to finance his political career that turned one of the poorest countries into a violent narco state.

Hernández ruled Honduras for eight years before stepping down as president. He was indicted by prosecutors in New York within hours, leading to the US submitting an extradition request.

Hernández has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence, saying he is the victim of political enemies and traffickers who agreed to plea deals in New York. He has been brought up as a co-conspirator during the trials of various Honduran drug traffickers, including that of his younger brother who is currently serving life in prison.

Widespread disgust toward the prevalent corruption during Hernández’s rule aided a landslide victory for leftist Xiomara Castro, who won the presidency last November. The US has made efforts to strengthen ties with the new government, as the country’s state drives hundreds of thousands of migrants to the US every year.

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