Late-night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel has admitted losing at least half of his fan base due to his anti-Trump jokes. He also admitted that back in 2016, when Trump had just begun his campaign for president ABC executives ‘hinted’ at him backing off on jokes about the former President. While on the “Naked Lunch” podcast he mentioned that he told executives he would rather someone else take over his show if they wanted him to censor his content, at which time the executives backed down. Though he admitted if he had been natural it would have helped his ratings.

According to Fox News, Kimmel said:

“I have lost half of my fans — maybe more than that,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host said on the “Naked Lunch” podcast Thursday, adding that “10 years ago among Republicans I was the most popular talk show host,” according to research.”

While many have mentioned Trump and Republicans dividing the country, it can be highly argued that media coverage, and ‘jokes’  such as Kimmel’s about the then President were the real catalyst in setting off the chain of dislike Trump has received since first running for president.

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