The House committee formalized its plans to hold its first public hearing during prime time TV hours, announcing the date and time with a notice that may as well have been written by entertainment executives.

According to The Hill, the committee is not yet revealing who its first witness might be, but that certainly hasn’t hampered its advertising efforts.

“The committee will present previously unseen material documenting January 6th, receive witness testimony, preview additional hearings, and provide the American people a summary of its findings about the coordinated, multi-step effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and prevent the transfer of power,” the notice reads.

Committee chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) previously told the press that there could be as many as eight hearings throughout the month of June. Their insistence on a primetime slot shows they hope to make a case to a broad audience, but their choice may backfire.

According to various polls, most right-leaning respondents believe it’s time to “move on” from the committee review. The hearings may also be tuned out by those who feel they already understand what happened on January 6th.

The first hearing will take place at 8PM EST on June 9th. Speculation as to the first witness has largely pointed to former Vice President Mike Pence, whose legal advisers have reportedly been in discussion with the committee most recently.

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