Former national intelligence official David Grusch claimed in a Wednesday Congressional hearing that the U.S. government is concealing captured UFOs. Grusch, previously affiliated with the Pentagon’s UFO Task Force, asserted that he knew of the precise locations where these UAPs are stored based on the testimonies of over 40 witnesses he had interviewed in four years. He further suggested the existence of “non-human spacecraft,” though remained cryptic regarding possible fatalities related to UFOs, hinting he might disclose more in a classified setting.

Most astonishingly, Grusch also told congress that the government is in possession of alien bodies:

As I’ve stated publicly already in my NewsNation [interview] biologics came with some of these recoveries.

Were they human or non human biologics, he is asked. Grusch responds:

Non-human, and that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to.

Watch the video below:

Grusch also stated he has personal knowledge of individuals who were harmed or injured in attempts to hide or mask this alleged extraterrestrial technology. He admitted to facing retaliation himself but did not elaborate due to an ongoing investigation. The hearing, chaired by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), reportedly experienced hindrance from the Pentagon in obtaining complete information on the phenomena. The lack of government transparency regarding UAPs and the potential implications drew a substantial online and in-person audience, highlighting public interest and speculation about these mysterious occurrences.

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