Last month, Hunter Biden had to make an embarrassing appearance in an Arkansas court after his ex-stripper, baby mama, sued him for failing to provide child support. Yesterday, Biden and Lunden Roberts settled in their disagreement over financial support for their child in Arkansas. Biden has agreed to provide Roberts with a monthly payment of $5,000 to support their four-year-old daughter named Navy Joan Roberts, whose existence was previously undisclosed. This a major victory for Hunter who was looking to reduce his previous monthly payments of $20,000.

In legal papers, Hunter detailed that the reason he was looking to reduce his monthly payments is because he has had a “substantial material change” in his income.

Initially denying paternity, Hunter Biden was proven to be the child’s father through a DNA test conducted in 2019. Navy has not been publicly acknowledged by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden as one of their grandchildren.

Hunter Biden and Roberts first crossed paths in 2017 at a strip club in Washington, DC, which marked the beginning of their relationship. During this time, Roberts was employed by Hunter Biden and also had a romantic involvement with Hallie Olivere Biden, who was widowed following the passing of Beau Biden in 2015. It is worth considering that these circumstances, including Hunter Biden’s romantic connections with both Roberts and Hallie Olivere Biden, likely contributed to his divorce from Buhle in 2019.

Specific details of the settlement are yet to be established and were not verified by Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster. Lancaster stressed the importance of maintaining confidentiality regarding the financial arrangements and expressed concerns about the possibility of leaks to the media, which could complicate the negotiations and potentially require Biden to appear in court once again on July 11.

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