Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola  has won Alaska’s at-large congressional district general election. Respected election analyst, Dave Wasserman, projected that Peltola has defated two Republicans, Nick Begich and Sarah Palin, the former governor, and John McCain vice-presidential nominee in 2008. Here are the sources who have called the race:

The final results show Peltola with 48% of first-place votes, Palin with 26% and Begich in third with nearly 24% of the vote.

Palin was backed by former president Donald Trump and she has railed against Alaska’s rank-choice voice voting systems which she says was made to keep RINOs and Democrats in power. She told Breibart, “This is what’s going to elect Democrats and destroy our country before we even know it. I am just sounding that alarm that it’s this bad. I don’t want this to happen to any other electorate, in any city, in any state”

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