On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to unite the Democrat Party to vote on President Biden’s Infrastructure bill.

Context: The Democrat Party has had to repeatedly punt votes on Biden’s Build Back Better agenda over fighting within the party. Now, Democrats can’t come to an agreement on a bipartisan infrastructure bill and Nancy Pelosi has failed again to push the legislation forward.

What Happened: On Friday, progressive Democrats refused to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure plan already approved by the Senate. Members of the House Progressive Caucus say they are refusing to vote on the bill without also passing a larger social spending bill

“As we’ve consistently said, there are dozens of our members who want to vote both bills — the Build Back Better Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — out of the House together,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

What This Means: It’s also a warning shot to the moderates who have blocked a Friday vote on the larger social benefits bill to protest the absence of an official cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Reports from Fox News say that the CBO report on the reconciliation bill could take until Thanksgiving.

According to its website, “On average, it takes about two weeks for CBO to produce a formal estimate, although sometimes estimates are produced the same day they are requested and occasionally the period extends to several weeks.”

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