The Heritage Foundation filed a formal ethics complaint against Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) after she accused its legal expert of perjury at a hearing in June.

The Foundation is looking to hold Porter accountable for questions she asked legal expert Amy Swearer during a gun control hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on June 8.

Porter asked Swearer about answers she previously gave to Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) during a hearing in 2019, attempting to portray those answers as lying under oath about the effects of gun control legislation.

“This accusation of perjury lacked any reasonable basis in fact, did not constitute fair comment, and amounted to defamation per se,” the complaint reads. “Rep. Porter grossly abused her privileges under the Speech and Debate Clause to publicly slander Ms. Swearer with impunity, affording her no recourse or ability to defend herself and her reputation.”

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts issued a statement alongside the complaint.

“Members of Congress like Katie Porter need to be reminded whom they serve, and put back in their place when they overstep,” he said.

Porter claims her allegation of Swearer “falsely testifying under oath” is not the same as accusing someone of perjury.

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