The Texas governor has secured the security deals he was seeking with governors across the southern border.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott enforced new truck screening measures at seven international ports of entry after the Biden administration announced the end of Title 42, a move anticipated to cause a sharp increase in immigration attempts at the border.

The new measures caused controversy after causing multiple hour delays of mostly commercial shipping trucks. Abbott said the impact on trade spurred “an urgency now to reach deals that there wasn’t before.”

On Wednesday, the governor of Nuevo León agreed to perform safety checks on trucks on the Mexican side of the border. Abbott then agreed to stop state police inspects on the bridge in that area.

On Thursday, Governor María Campos Galvan of the much larger Chihuahua region joined Abbott in Austin to negotiate an agreement for authorities in Chihuahua to conduct safety checks and continue work on a $200 million camera system mean to address illegal traffic.

In exchange, three additional bridges were exempted from the additional screening measures.

Critics called Abbott’s move a political stunt, but the long-desired results it produced are real.

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