According to news reports, Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Attorney General Jason Miyares, and the superintendent of public instruction have asked the court to be added to a lawsuit filed by parents against the Loudon County Public Schools (LCPS).

What Happened: The lawsuit is against the leftist school district regards mask mandates on children, including an appendix with seven executive orders from Democrat ex-Gov. Ralph Northam.

According to the Daily Wire, “No school district defied those orders, and far from claiming at the time that executive orders were optional for school systems, school officials routinely invoked them as a reason that their hands were tied.”

What People Are Saying: “When the pandemic started, Governor Northam used his emergency powers to close down places of worship, private businesses, and schools and impose a universal mask mandate. Nearly two years later, Governor Youngkin is using those same emergency powers to adapt to our current phase in the same pandemic, by giving parents the ability to opt out of a school mask mandate,” Attorney General Miyares said.

Ian Prior, executive director of the parents’ group Fight For Schools, said in a statement that “Governor Youngkin and Attorney General Miyares campaigned on standing up for parents against massive government overreach by school boards and superintendents putting politics over the rights of students and parents. Today’s filing is more evidence that they are delivering on their promises. We hope that Superintendent [Scott] Ziegler and the Loudoun County School Board pay attention, recognize that parents have spoken, and stop wasting taxpayer money compiling avoidable litigation fees to appease the syndicate that has taken over this county.”

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