On Wednesday, Republicans blocked the Senate from beginning debate on Democrat’s federal election overhaul bill, called the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

What Happened: The vote failed to get approval from 60 senators, stalling at 50-49.

The vote marks the latest failure from the left to advance President Biden’s progressive agenda.

Context: The John Lewis Voting Rights Act, also known as S4, is a thinly veiled power grab by Democrats. The legislation is simply a means for Democrats to remain in control and is nothing more than a re-titled version of Democrat’s failed For The People Act.

Why It Matters: If passed S4 would make it easier for left-wing groups to sue states and use courts as a means to stop commonsense election buffers that are designed to increase voter integrity.

The bill’s main focus was putting state elections under stricter federal control by using a practice called “preclearance.”

The bill also targeted commonsense election measures supported by a majority of Americans such as voter ID laws. The bill gives the federal government to prevent every state from adopting new identification laws, regardless if the state has not committed any violations.

Who Defected: Democrats managed to convince Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski to vote for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

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