New emails show her communication with two lawmakers just before and after the election.

In emails obtained by The Washington Post, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife urged two Arizona politicians to replace Joe Biden’s electors.

The Post previously reported that Ginni Thomas strategized with then-chief of staff Mark Meadows through text after former President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election.

The emails from Ginni Thomas were sent six days after the election pressing the lawmakers to “fight back against fraud”. She has referred to Trump’s loss as “obvious fraud” and “the greatest heist of our history”.

Another email, sent in December the day before electoral college meetings would take place, showed her advising that the lawmakers had the authority to “choose” their state’s electors.

Russel Bowers, speaker of the Arizona House, and Shawnna Bolick, a House member on the elections committee, were the recipients of Ginni Thomas’ emails.

The legal basis for her claims comes from the “independent state legislature” doctrine, which holds that state lawmakers have the ultimate say over its electors. Trump lawyers used the theory to argue that Republicans could legally swap in pro-Trump electors in states where Biden won.

Neither Ginni Thomas nor the Supreme Court’s spokesperson has commented at this time.

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