Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden, faced an unexpected twist in his court proceedings as Judge Maryellen Noreika dismissed his plea deal related to tax and gun charges. The proceedings took place in Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden initially planned to plead guilty to the charges. However, the agreement fell apart under the judge’s scrutiny, and Biden had to plead not guilty, thus necessitating a new plea deal.

As part of his release conditions, Hunter Biden was instructed to avoid alcohol, submit to random drug tests, keep the court informed of his address changes, and either maintain or actively seek employment. The requirement for employment comes after Hunter Biden’s varied career history, which includes roles in a bank holding company, a consultancy firm, and a Ukrainian energy company, amongst other positions.

During the court hearing, the Department of Justice suggested the possibility of further charges against Hunter Biden, related to failing to register as a foreign agent, a claim strongly refuted by Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark. Amidst all this, Hunter Biden, who has faced struggles with addiction and financial difficulties, has also taken up a new career as an artist, which has also stirred controversy over potential influence buying.

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