Monday a U.S. mail truck potentially carrying absentee ballots, caught fire in Georgia. Approximately ten miles from Albany in the rural area of Pretoria/Tarva Road, potentially 43 ballots were lost. Deputies from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office have said the Jeep and the mail inside were deemed a total loss, though the delivery driver was able to walk away unharmed. In Georgia, as of Tuesday, more than a million votes have already been cast with Fox 5 Atlanta reporting that 100,000 absentee ballots were received in the state on Tuesday alone.

This sort of issue is something that state officials will have to deal with during election cycles, adding suspicion around ballots. In this case, the 43 ballots are being investigated and in a press conference Tuesday the Secretary of State’s Office mentioned that “There are 43 outstanding ballots in the county. We’re working with USPS to see if they have images of what might have been on that truck, to reissue them,” Interim Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling said. “Worst comes to worst, we’ll reissue the 43 ballots or the county will reissue the 43 ballots, and first across the line for those voters will be the ballots that are accepted.”

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