Lies and deception surround Congressman George Santos. He has now been accused of allegedly pocketing $3,000 from a GoFundMe which was established to help a disabled veteran’s dying dog.

The Claim
U.S. Navy veteran Richard Osthoff told that he came into contact with an animal charity called “Friends of Pets United” after he learned it would cost $3,000 for surgery for his service dog, a pit bull mix named Sapphire who had developed a life-threatening stomach tumor. Fox News reports that “a veterinary technician had told him they knew someone who ran the charity that could help raise money. Osthoff was informed that the charity was run by Anthony Devolder, an alias Santos allegedly used for years before entering politics in 2020. Osthoff and another veteran, retired police Sgt. Michael Boll, who tried to intervene to help Osthoff in 2016, claimed a GoFundMe page that raised the necessary funds for the dog’s surgery was shut down by Santos and that the now-congressman then disappeared with the money. Santos allegedly claimed the dog’s disease was untreatable after consulting with an affiliated veterinarian and that the money would instead go to his charity. Osthoff had urged to allow him to take the funds to other clinics, and Santos allegedly stopped responding. Text messages allegedly sent between Osthoff and Santos that were obtained by reveal the rejected request to take the funds elsewhere.”

Sapphire, The Service Dog
Sapphire died in 2017, but Osthoff couldn’t afford to have her euthanized and cremated due to being out of work for a period of time due to a broken leg. He had to panhandle for the money to have Sapphire euthanized and cremated.

The Charity
Fox News reports that “a ‘Friends of Pets United’ charity Santos said he founded was not listed as a charity in official records, according to The New York Times, which also reported that the beneficiary of a 2017 fundraiser linked to the group said they did not receive the money.”

The Congressman
George Santos denies taking money from the homeless, disabled veteran and his service dog. Is this another lie and deception?

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