George P. Bush, former Texas land commissioner and son of Jeb Bush, has come out blasting Joe Biden’s immigration policy as the border crisis continues to worsen under the president’s watch. Bush says the Biden administration’s policies have left border states, like his home of Texas, to fend for themselves. He says the current state of the border is a “historic failure.” Over the past months, illegal immigration across both the southern and northern border has hit unprecedented levels because migrants know Biden’s policies are relaxed. Watch his interview below:


I think it’s consistent with not only Mexican policy, but the fact that this administration has made it clear that [Biden’s] trying to build a new political base by creating a new asylum approach unconstitutionally outside the bounds of his executive authority. In states like mine, like Texas, that are left to absorb not only the undue amount of financial cost — the amount of human trafficking, the amount of imports of fentanyl and the illicit trades that are occurring on the border — is nothing short of historic.

As a candidate for attorney general, I was the first to propose the idea of invoking under the Texas state Constitution the idea of asserting our own sovereignty, that the president has neglected his duties under the constitutional authorities, that he has by neglecting the needs of his own people. So, yes, it’s great that he had a Photoshop tour of the border, but we need more than platitudes. We need more Democrats led by Henry Cuellar, by the way, who’s a border Democrat himself, who knows the seriousness of this issue, and get more Democrats on board so we can get some action here now.

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