Marine General Frank McKenzie revealed that in the aftermath of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan the country has lost nearly all of its ability to track terrorists in the area.

Background: In late August the remaining U.S. military troops in Afghanistan withdrew from the region. The chaotic withdrawal left some Americans and millions of dollars of military equipment behind in the region which was quickly overtaken by the Taliban.

The devastating withdrawal sparked harsh criticism from both Republicans and Democrats as images emerged of Afghans and Americans attempting to flee the country.

Context: The official withdrawal means that the U.S. loses the ability to track other dangerous terrorist organizations, specifically Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The Taliban also released multiple ISIS members from Afghan prisons abandoned by President Biden.

“So certainly we should expect a resurgent ISIS. It would be very surprising if that weren’t the case,” McKenzie said, adding, “It remains to be seen that the Taliban are going to be able to take effective action against them.” (per The Daily Wire)

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