In a recent development, Fox News has made it clear that team members representing the former U.S. President, Donald Trump, would be on the no-entry list for the first GOP primary debate. This decision was made public a day after Trump opted out of the event.

The interesting twist? This restriction isn’t just about Trump. Sources have verified that the no-show rule applies to representatives of all candidates missing from the debate stage. So, it’s not a Trump-exclusive directive.

A wave of surprise ran through when Donald Trump Jr., the former President’s eldest son, mentioned he’d be present at the debate, representing his father’s camp. The list of anticipated attendees doesn’t end there. Kimberly Guilfoyle, his soon-to-be spouse, was also rumored to handle media relations for Trump during the event.

Prominent Trump loyalists, including Arizona’s ex-gubernatorial contender, Kari Lake, and Republican Representatives Byron Donalds and Matt Gaetz of Florida, were gearing up for the occasion, reveals Alayna Treene from CNN.

Yet, despite the exclusion, Trump’s team remains undeterred. They are setting course for Milwaukee, collaborating with Fox News and the GOP’s main body, the Republican National Committee, to negotiate a potential presence in the post-debate media hub, or the “spin room.”

Both Fox News and the Trump camp maintained a tight-lipped stance, refraining from commenting when approached by The Post.

And for Trump? He’s vocal about bypassing the initial GOP debate and potentially more, attributing his absence to his soaring “legendary” poll ratings.

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