A former attorney to President Trump is suing Verizon Wireless and the House Select Committee.

Context: The House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding has issued subpoenas to lawmakers and citizens suspected of playing a role in the Capitol riot.

The committee recently issued a subpoena to Verizon Wireless asking for phone records of individuals accused of playing a part in the Capitol riot or the rally prior.

Background: John Eastman, the attorney behind the lawsuit, previously worked to help Trump overturn the 2020 election results.

What Happened: Eastman filed the lawsuit in Washington, D.C. court arguing that the House Committee’s subpoena is unconstitutional because it seeks to perform a “law enforcement function, rather than genuine legislative activity.”

The former Chapman University professor also alleges that the subpoena violates House rules, as well as his First and Fourth Amendment rights. Finally, Eastman argues that the subpoena “infringes attorney-client privilege.” (per The Washington Examiner)

What Comes Next: Eastman is aiming to have the court declare the subpoena invalid and issue a temporary restraining order that would stop Verizon from complying with Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson’s subpoena.

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