Previous senior pollster to President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, Stan Greenberg, has released an after-election analysis in which he states Democrats shouldn’t feel vindicated after election night. Greenberg noted that while Democrats defied expectations in the midterms, by keeping the red wave at bay, they will have to work harder for 2024 even bringing out new challengers to be successful. Greenberg then theorized that Democrats took the victory this time due to unexpected success among concerns on abortion, Social Security, and threats to democracy. Though in 2024, Greenberg states that voters will be more concerned with the economy to a point that they will demand real help.

Greenberg went on to discuss how he wanted to see “new leaders” stepping up to run. Instead of seeing another Trump-Biden race. He also compared this 2024 presidential race to that of Bill Clinton’s 1992 race when he ran to modernize the party. He insisted that the people will want a change in politics, as they reach a breaking point with the economy.

Though the Republicans will not only focus on the economy but the rising challenges the county has seen within crime and the borders. Where issues stand now they will only get worse in two years. Without proper treatment,  real change will be requested by voters. Change that votes may only see Republicans handling.

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