One of America’s most liberal cities will consider a dramatic overhaul of their government’s structure after years of riots, chaos, and destruction.

If the measure passes, Portland’s city council would grow to 12 members elected by districts, gain a professional city administrator to work with the mayor on key issues, and implement ranked-choice voting for city elections, according to The Hill.

The city currently uses a commission form of government, the last major city in the country to still do so. Critics say the system enables commissioners to ignore Portland voters’ broader goals.

The city has been plagued by the drug epidemic, lawless downtown area, and rising rates of homelessness for years at it was struggled to balance an increasingly progressive agenda.

It was ransacked by members of the militant leftist organization antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd’s death. Federal agents were sent into the city to attempt to control the spiraling violence, but Mayor Ted Wheeler called it an “illegal occupation” leaving his general population subject to the chaos.

“The city of Portland, Oregon is a failed state,” one resident wrote in comments to the Charter Commission.

“[Our] current [form] of government is a miserable failure, an embarrassment. Run poorly by amateurs,” wrote another.

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