Dr. Anthony Fauci is now suggesting that masks in public, indoor settings may become the new normal, regardless of vaccination status, even in a ‘post-pandemic’ world.

The Details: Fauci made the remarks on Sunday morning during an appearance with with ABC’s Jonathan Karl when he was asked to clarify statements he previously made about when people should feel ‘comfortable’ gathering with family or traveling.

Fauci replied: ‘No, I do. If you are vaccinated and boosted, and are prudent when you travel, when you are in an airport, to be wearing a mask all the time, you have to be wearing a mask on a plane…Do not do things like go to gatherings where there are people who you do not know what their vaccination status is.”

Fauci then added that he believed masks were here to stay: “There are other tools besides the vaccine, and wearing a mask complements the protection that you get from the vaccine, and a boost. So I don’t think you should be in a situation that if you are vaccinated, you don’t ever have to worry about wearing a mask. Vaccinated or unvaccinated under certain circumstances, masks work in diminishing the likelihood that you are going to get infected or that if you are infected and without symptoms, that you’re going to spread it to someone else. So it’s not an either/or. You can do both and should do both.”

Why it Matters: Fauci’s comments come in the wake of many states and localities choosing to once again adopt stringent measures to prevent the spread of the new omicron variant.

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