Sam Brinton, the former Biden administration nuclear official who was caught stealing women’s luggage at multiple airports, was arrested on Wednesday in Maryland. According to police, Brinton was taken into custody as a fugitive of justice for a third instance of airport luggage theft. The latest case comes from a Washington D.C. area airport. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Police is the department bringing the charges and they oversee the two Washington airports.

According to James Johnson, a spokesperson for MWAA:

“Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police executed a search warrant May 17 in Montgomery County, Maryland, in connection with allegations of stolen property in luggage from Reagan National Airport that was brought to the department’s attention in February 2023,”

“With the assistance of Montgomery County Police, Samuel Otis Brinton, age 35, of Rockville, Maryland, was taken into custody Wednesday pending charges of Grand Larceny,”

Montgomery Country Police in Maryland assisted in Wednesday’s arrest and they provided details to Fox News:

“Montgomery County Police assisted in the arrest of Sam Brinton. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police are lead on this.”

“Brinton was arrested at approximately 10 p.m. last night in their home on College Parkway. They are being held in the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit on a no-bond status as they await an extradition hearing. That’s all of the information we have on our end.”

Brinton was charged in two previous cases of baggage theft in Minnesota and Nevada but escaped jail time in both. In the Minnesota case, he was charged with stealing luggage worth $2,325 for an airport carousel and in Nevada he was charged with stealing luggage worth $3,670. Many of the women who Brinton stole bags from claim that he would go on to wear clothes from their bags.

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