During a tele-town hall on Monday night, 2024 candidate Ron DeSantis pulled no punches in revealing his bold vision for the nation. The Florida Governor rallied his early supporters with promises of sweeping changes, echoing the drumbeats of a political revolution that he believes is necessary to steer the country back onto the right track.

In a call that exceeded 40 minutes, DeSantis candidly addressed his constituents, asserting that should he secure the presidency in 2024, they should prepare for a significant shakeup in the way the federal government operates. His ambitious agenda includes curbing the overreach of government agencies, fortifying the U.S. southern border, restoring fiscal responsibility, and reining in the powers of the Federal Reserve.

One of the more dramatic declarations from DeSantis included a promise to fire the top leadership at the FBI and DOJ on his first day in office. He argued that such a move is crucial to rein in agencies he believes have been weaponized to serve partisan interests. This commitment to discipline and reform resonates with many voters who have long expressed concerns about perceived imbalances in these institutions.

Another pillar of his agenda involved strengthening U.S. borders. The Florida governor expressed a clear stance on immigration, revealing plans to not only build the wall but also bring an end to mass immigration, an issue which has remained contentious for years.

DeSantis also took a hard line against cryptocurrencies, indicating that his administration would not be open to their use. This view contrasts sharply with a growing global trend toward accepting digital currencies, but aligns with a portion of the population worried about the potential impact of unregulated currencies on national economies.

Education was a focal point during the tele-town hall. DeSantis affirmed that schools under his administration would refrain from teaching DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives and CRT (Critical Race Theory), topics that have been widely debated in educational circles. He appeared firm in his conviction to protect what he believes is a more traditional approach to education.

The tele-town hall had a lighter side too. DeSantis referred to the availability of ‘cool’ merchandise for his supporters, adding a dash of levity to an otherwise serious discourse.

One of the more heartfelt moments of the conversation came when DeSantis shared his experience of campaigning with his children. He expressed gratitude that his children are young enough not to fully comprehend the vitriolic attacks that public figures often endure. Preferring to keep his family close on the campaign trail rather than leaving them with grandparents or babysitters, DeSantis emphasized the importance of family unity amidst the whirlwind of political campaigning.

This first tele-town hall offered a window into the Florida Governor’s intentions ahead of the 2024 elections. As his ambitious agenda unfolds, DeSantis’ supporters and critics alike will be watching keenly to see how his proposed changes could transform the American political landscape.

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