During the COVID pandemic, President Donald Trump invoked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Title 42 for the first time ever. The measure gave Border Patrol agents the power to send illegal immigrants back to their country of origin hours after crossing the border. Since its inception in 2020, Title 42 has become effective to deter mass waves of illegal immigration which are often orchestrated by cartels to funnel drugs into the U.S. Three million illegal aliens have been blocked from entering the United States by Title 42. But what will happen when it is lifted this Thursday? Let’s take a look.

Biden’s Disaster

Biden sought to bring an end to Title 42 last year and was met with legal road blocks, but now he has finally got his way. The moment the restrictions end, over 400,000 illegal border crossings are expected to occur every month. There is currently 700,000 migrants waiting at the southern border to enter and be processed by Biden’s DHS.

Even further, Biden’s DHS has expanded their catch and release program which know allows illegal aliens to be released into the U.S. while they await their immigration case. Many of these take cases take years until they brought to court and some immigrants who are sent to New York City won’t have their cases heard until 2033.

The DHS has opened regional processing centers in Latin American countries and developed a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) One mobile app for migrants to schedule appointments to enter the U.S. Both of these moves have encouraged foreigners to enter the country.

Cartel Heaven

Many see these open border policies as a way of allowing drug cartels to increase their presence and influence in the U.S. The fentanyl crisis has become the number one cause of death of American youths and it is orchestrated by cartels from south of the border.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina wanted to keep Title 42 to combat the nation’s fentanyl crisis. The senator told a town hall at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics:

“The first one is fending off fentanyl, which basically says let’s freeze the assets of Mexican cartels. They’ve led to 70,000 plus Americans losing their lives by bringing the drugs across our southern border. The second thing I say is if there’s an impediment to them bringing it across, we are in much better shape. My other bill provides for $10 billion to build the wall and another $5 billion for us to have the surveillance technology that catches fentanyl before it crosses the border.”

“Combine those two together with another one coming soon – May 11 – the end of Title 42. I have a bill that allows us to reinstate Title 42 because the health care crisis that continues is not COVID. But it is fentanyl. So, if we attack fentanyl as a health care crisis, we can reinstate Title 42. That coupled with the other two pieces of legislation, I think makes us a healthier, safer country.”

If Scott is right, the end of Title 42 will expand the fentanyl crisis and lead to more deaths. How many deaths will it take for Biden to realize an open border is no way to run our nation.

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