Disney is ready to return to Neverland but it won’t look like it used to. After dropping their first trailer for the upcoming ‘Peter Pan & Wendy,’ which will premiere on Disney+ in April, many were left in surprise over the new take on some the characters. During the trailer, Wendy (played by Ever Anderson) comes upon the Lost Boys and tells them, “But you’re not all boys.” “So?!” One of the girls replied.

One Twitter user wrote, “idc i WILL be streaming. just need them to take the girls out of the lost boys though i’m so sorry i’m all for girl power but the whole point of the lost boys is that they’ve never seen a girl before.”

Another commented, “Looks terrible. Hook looks bad, Tinkerbell isn’t Tink and the Lost Boys became girls now?”

The iconic role of Tinker Bell is set to be played by Yara Shahidi , making history as the first Black actress to play the famous fairy. Last year, Shahidi opened up to E! News about the role, saying, “I’m literally just revving up to a shoot day — me moving around like I have pictured a fairy moves,” she explained. “And it was a little ridiculous, but you know, once you see it on camera, it looks a little less ridiculous.”

In the trailer Shahidi is dressed in the iconic green dress in the clip, smiling and flying around Peter Pan as he and his new friends fly off to Neverland.

“Peter Pan & Wendy” will release on Friday, April 28, only on Disney+.

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