With Title 42 set to expire Monday, the agency is anticipating a surge on top of an already record number of migrants.

According to internal planning documents obtained by NBC News, Department of Homeland Security officials are concerned they do not have enough funding to deal with the record-breaking situation at the southern border.

Currently, about 7,400 migrants are being encountered at the border daily, which is the highest number recorded since the figure started being tracked in 2000.

The agency is currently using a $1.4 billion appropriation from Congress to handle the encounters, but it will need much more to handle the expected surge after Title 42 expires.

The memos reviewed by NBC predict an additional $1.2 billion is needed if crossings reach 10,000 per day, $1.6 billion if they reach 14,000 crossings per day, and $2 billion if they reach 18,000 per day.

ICE has also predicted it will need to increase the number of flights and buses from the border to cities in the interior of the country where migrants will have their cases heard by judges.

A DHS spokeswoman played down the memos, but three officials expressed exasperation to NBC over the White House’s apparent hesitation to formally ask Congress for more money despite being aware of the dire situation brewing at the border.

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